sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2008

Don´t marry! Be happy!

That was the sound of spookiness in my head
In a cold Winter night
The same sound blowing from hunder my bed
And there we was... under the yellow fathing light
Grabbing the same old black box...
He was kowned as the Hollowman!

(she comes in) - Oh darling you´re not writting those stupid sordid stories again are you?

- Euh... off course not my dear... what made you think I was?!

- Well, for a start, when you do write´em you have that absolutely annoing habit of making that ridiculous deep voice while you write, you know...

- That is propostruous! I do no such thing you silly woman!

- There you go...

- I beg your pardon?!!

- Well you also start talking in that Edgar-Allan-Poeish-stuckup-eighteenth-century-posh-stile... and in your underdraws Edward... I should say that is ratter childish off you "my lord"...

- Oh for fucksake, just leave me the fuck alone you castrating cold hearted bitch! What do you want this time?!

- Well, mamma wants to go to the bathroom and you know very well she´s too old to go on her own, and too heavy for me to carry her...

- Oh for the love of the beautifull-motherfucking-cocksucking-nailed-to-a-woodencross-baby Jesus, let the old drag shit herself! It´s not like she has to be clean and perfect for when her prom date comes to pick her up!!

- Well, it´s not just that! There´s the garbage to... and you still have to walk the dog if you don´t want him to shit all over the place... Oh, and don´t forget that tomorrow you promised Mrs. Candlestick to help her with that plumming problem that she has in her kitchen... so stop sulking and start acting like a man for once!

(long sob...) ... ok dear... it´ll just be a second...

(talking to himself) - Hey Hollowman, don´t you have a place for me inside that black box of yours?

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Sophie disse...


Divorce! Be smart!

Take all his (her) money! Be even smartest!

Leave the kids! And you're the fucking queen (or king)!

Olha, saiu-me assim esta pérola xD